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Executive Summary
JEO.NET was founded in 1995 and has a proven track record of helping busineses, organizations, and individuals implement secure, dynamic, responsive and scalable sites across Internet and Intranets. JEO.NET specializes in enterprise-level, complex, database-driven applications.

Committed to Excellence and Open Source

JEO.NET is often on the cutting edge of internet technology and we feel that our clients benefit if the network as a whole benefits. That's why JEO.NET often offers our clients discounts if they allow us to release parts of their project as open source. The first graphing library for PHP was created that way, PHPLOT. PHPLOT became the 6th most popular download on Sourceforge in 2000 and has been reported in use from intrusion detection software (ACID) to embedded in medical device software to banking applications. JEO.NET also participates as contrinuting developers in key OpenSource projects thereby benefitting our clients and the world in general. Some of the popular projects we have contrinuted to include PHP, Hylafax, Drupal, and KVM/Qemu.